When bjgreen photography arranges an indoor portrait session for you or your family at your home, the flat fee is $350.  A $100 booking fee (deducted from the $350 session cost if you purchase the images) is due at the time of booking.  This is necessary to cover our travel/setup expenses.

  • The booking fee is refundable or transferrable up until 24 hours before your scheduled session.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled session time the booking fee is non-refundable.
  • The $250 balance of the session fee is payable only when you decide to purchase the entire gallery of images.  Individual images are not offered
  • Your indoor portrait session also includes an unlimited number of outfit/makeup changes.  You get to change your look as many times as you can manage within your 3 hour session.  
  • As many family members as will physically fit within the space limitations can be included, altogether or separately, within that 3 hour period.  
  • Pets can be included at your home as long as they don’t have more than 4 legs :)
  • We will probably use two different backgrounds, one black and one white, and multiple lighting setups.
  • About a week after your portrait session you will receive an email linking to your personal proof gallery.  All the proof images will be viewable at that time.  Some few will have been retouched as examples, most will be exactly as they came out of the camera.  There will be a watermark across the proofs and the proofs will not be downloadable.
  • If you like the results you may purchase the entire gallery using a credit card, PayPal, or a personal check if you prefer to mail it to us.  Individual images are not offered separately.  If you don’t wish to purchase the images you are under no obligation and no action on your part is necessary.  Booking fees are non refundable should you elect not purchase the images.
  • When you complete the purchase, about two weeks after payment you will receive another link to your completed portrait gallery.  The images will have been retouched, the watermark removed, and you can download your entire gallery to your computer or smart device.
  • Your personal portrait gallery will remain on-line for your viewing for about 3 months and then be removed.  We maintain the images offline for about a year unless you prefer them deleted sooner.
  • You own the digital images.  You do not need our approval to print, reproduce, publish, or do as you please with your images.  They are yours.

Consider your available space if you wish portraits created in your home.  For instance if you wish a pure white background with a single subject we need about 6 feet between the background and the subject, and another 6 feet between the subject and the camera.  Proper lighting placement requires about 8 feet on EACH side of the camera.  If you will have more than one subject in the photo more width is required.  Since we use large lights the higher the ceiling the better.  


Proper lighting is the essence of beautiful portraits.  We frequently need to move furniture against the walls and roll up loose rugs.  While it is trivial to get wonderful results within smaller spaces, the number of lighting options is more restricted.