Historically, photographers have charged for a portrait session (or in some cases done it for free), and then charged high prices for prints and frames.  At bjgreen photography  we recognize that many of our clients no longer have need of paper prints.


More commonly, if Grandma in Idaho wants a photo of your new baby in Texas, you send her a picture from your iPhone to her iPhone.  Or if Grandma is even modestly tech savvy you send it to her computer.


If Grandma wants a framed print she prints it at home on her desktop color printer.  Or if she's really up on technology she sends it electronically to Wallgreens or Walmart or some such place and has them print it to whatever specification she prefers.  If she wants a canvas print they print it, frame it, and mail it to her house.


So, at bjgreen photography we don't offer paper prints.  We provide our clients the finished and retouched digital photos directly through the internet.  If they wish paper or canvas prints they do the same thing Grandma would do, from the convenience of their home, and eliminate unnecessary costs.